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Killifish and Tropical FIish on Airplanes in the United States
Killifish and Tropical FIish on Airplanes in the United States

Anthony C. Terceira: March 6, 2012 11 :20:01 AM EST

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Transportation Security Administration's policy for carrying live fish onboard a commercial airline.

Travelers passing through security checkpoints may carry liquids, gels, and aerosols if these are in containers. 4 ounces or smaller and fit comfortably in a single, quart-size, clear plastic, resalable bag (3-1-1 rule).

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows an exception to the 3-1-1 rule for live fish. The fish must be swimming in water that is contained in a clear, spill-proof glass or plastic container. This allows Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) to visually inspect the fish at the screening checkpoint. If the fish is observed as alive and swimming, then the liquid is not considered an explosive and will be permitted through the checkpoint.

The container holding live fish may be larger than 3.4 ounces. In addition, TSA recommends travelers contact their airlines to inquire about any additional guidelines the airlines may have regarding traveling with live fish.

We encourage all travelers to familiarize themselves with TSA Travel Tips prior to their trip. Our Web site, www.tsa.gov, has information about prohibited and permitted items, the screening process and procedures, and guidance for special considerations that may assist in preparing for air travel. Passengers can go directly to these tips at www.TSATraveTips.us. We hope this information is helpful.

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