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LACM: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles. Includes: fishes formerly at California State University, Fullerton (CSF), California State University, Long Beach (CSLB) and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA; part of collection also to SIO); herps from Costa Rica Expeditions of Jay Savage (CRE); fossils from California Institute of Technology, Los Angeles (CIT). Note: The Robert J. Lavenberg Fish Collection formally named in 1998. Obsolete as: LACMNH. Current as: LACM (fishes, herps, fossils). California. USA.
LARReC: Living Aquatic Resources Research Centre, National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Vientiane. Obsolete as: DFV (Division of Fisheries), LARRI. Current as: LARReC (fishes). Vientiane. Laos.
LBG-UD: Laboratoire Biogéosciences, Université de Bourgogne [University of Burgundy], Dijon. Current as: LBG-UD (fossils). Côte-d'Or. France.
LBM: Lake Biwa Museum, Oroshimo, Kusatsu. Current as: LBM (fishes). Shiga. Japan.
LBP: Laboratório de Biologia e Genética de Peixes, Departamento de Morfologia, Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (UNESP), Campus de Botucatu. Current as: LBP (fishes). São Paulo. Brazil.
LBRP: Laboratório de Biodiversidade de Recursos Pesqueiros, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Note: collection of marine fishes separate from main collection at UFRJ; current status unknown. See also: UFRJ. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.
LBSWU: Laboratory, Department of Biology, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok. Current as: LBSWU. Bangkok. Thailand.
LBUCH: Laboratorio de Biología, Universidad de Chile, Santiago. Note: lab closed ca. 1998 with specimens transferred to Museo Nacional de Historia Natural (MNHNC) and some fishes to University of Kansas (KU). Santiago. Chile.
LCFM: Musée d'histoire naturelle, La Chaux-de-Fonds. Also as: MHNC, MHNCF. Neuchâtel. Switzerland.
LCT-IMARPE: Laboratorio Costero de Tumbes, Instituto del Mar del Perú, Tumbes. Current as: LCT-IMARPE (fishes). See also: IMARPE (Lima). Tumbes. Peru.
LDHRN: Horniman Museum and Gardens, London. Includes: fossils collected by Walter H. Bennett, acquired from Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society in 1989. Current as: LDHRN-NH (Natural History collection). Also as: NH (fossils). England. United Kingdom.
LDM: Latvijas Dabas muzejs [Latvian Museum of Natural History], Riga. Includes: natural history collections of the Himsel Museum, Riga. Note: descended from museum of Riga Naturalist Society founded in 1845. Current as: LDM (fossils). Also as: LMNH (entomology). Latvia.
LDM: Lufeng Dinosaur Museum, Lufeng. Current as: LDM-LCA (fossils from Lufeng County, Chuanjie Township, A'na Village), LFGT LDM (fossils associated with Bureau of Land and Resources of Lufeng County). Yunnan. China.
LEICT: New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester. Current as: LEICT (fossils). England. United Kingdom.
LFBKU: Kyushu University, Laboratory of Fishery Biology, Fukuoka. Formerly: Kyushu Imperial University. Fukuoka. Japan.
LFL: Larval Fish Laboratory Collection, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Includes: fishes from Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (CSU). Colorado. USA.
LFRH: Laboratory of Fishery Research and Hydrobiology, Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Bratislava. Also as: LFRHB. Bratislava. Slovakia.
LFZFC: Laboratory of Fishes, Zhejiang Ocean University, Zhoushan [Chusan]. Formerly: Zhejiang Fisheries College. Zhejiang. China.
LGC: Laboratório de Genética da Conservação, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUCMG), Belo Horizonte. Current as: LGC (fishes). See also: MCN. Minas Gerais. Brazil.
LGCFM: Lakhimpur Girls' College Fish Museum, Lakhimpur. Current as: LGCFM (fishes). Assam. India.
LGE: Laboratorio de Genética Evolutiva, Instituto de Biología Subtropical, Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Posadas. See also: CHUNAM. Misiones. Argentina.
LGP: Laboratório de Genética de Peixes, Departamento de Biologia, Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” UNESP), Campus de Rio Claro. Current as: LGP (fishes). See also: CFBH (amphibians), MHE (fossils). São Paulo. Brazil.
LH: Long Hao Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Hohhot. Current as: LH V (vertebrate fossils). Inner Mongolia. China.
LHC: Laboratoire d'Hydrobiologie et d'Aquaculture, Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques, Université d'Abomey Calavi, Cotonou [Kutonu]. Bénin.
LHUC: Collection Laboratoire d'Hydrobiologie lagunaire, Abidjan. Note: collection cited by Daget (1965) and presumably associated with Université de Cocody, formerly a campus of the University of Abidjan and renamed Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny in 2012. See also: UFHB. Côte d'Ivoire.
LHUFCG: Laboratório de Herpetologia, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Campus de Patos, Patos. Current as: LHUFCG (herps). Paraíba. Brazil.
LIA: Laboratório de Ictiologia de Altamira, Universidade Federal do Pará, Campus Altamira. Current as: LIA (fishes). Pará. Brazil.
LIAT: Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie Appliquée, École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse (ENSAT), Auzeville-Tolosane. Haute-Garonne. France.
LILUNX: Laboratory of Ichthyology and Limnology, Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso (UNEMAT), Campus de Nova Xavantina. Current as: LILUNX (fishes). Mato Grosso. Brazil.
LINHM: Long Island Natural History Museum, Levittown. Note: fossil collection assembled by Bryn J. Mader, Department of Biological Sciences and Geology, Queens-borough Community College, Bayside. Current as: LINHM (fossils). New York. USA.
LINN: The Linnean Society of London, London. Obsolete as: LS, LSL. Current as: LINN. England. United Kingdom.
LIRP: Laboratório de Ictiologia de Ribeirão Preto, Departamento de Biologia, Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras (FFLCRP), Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto. Includes: ∼65 lots formerly associated with Estação Experimental de Biologia e Piscicultura de Pirassununga (EEBP). Current as: LIRP (fishes). See also: LPRP (fossils). São Paulo. Brazil.
LISDEBE: Laboratório de Ictiologia Sistemática, Departamento de Ecologia e Biologia Evolutiva (DEBE), Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Carlos. Current as: LISDEBE (fishes). São Paulo. Brazil.
LIVCM: World Museum, Liverpool. Formerly: Liverpool Museum. Also as: LIV, WML. England. United Kingdom.
LLFS-UCH: Laboratory of Limnology, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad de Chile, Santiago. Note: laboratory collection of fishes (Orestias) maintained by Irma Del Carmen Vila Pinto since 2003; some specimens transferred to Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Santiago (MNHNC). Santiago. Chile.
LLM: Lippisches Landesmuseum, Detmold. Current as: LLM (fossils). Nordrhein-Westfalen [North Rhine-Westphalia]. Germany.
LLU: Loma Linda University, Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, Loma Linda. Current as: LLU (fossils). California. USA.
LMA: Le Musée d'Angoulême, Angoulême. Formerly: Musée des beaux-arts d'Angoulême. Current as: ANG (fossils, Angeac-Charente Collection), CHE (fossils, Cherves-de-Cognac Collection). Charente. France.
LMNMO: herpetologischen Sammlung [herpetological collection], Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch, Oldenburg. Formerly: Grossherzogliche Museum Oldenburg. Current as: LMNMO (herps). Niedersachsen [Lower Saxony]. Germany.
LMR: Lyme Regis Museum, Lyme Regis, Dorset. England. United Kingdom.
LNHNY: New York Academy of Sciences, New York. Formerly: Lyceum of Natural History. Note: historical collections apparently lost, possibly burned in dock fire during the Civil War. New York. USA.
LNM: Lesotho National Museum, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Maseru. Lesotho.
LPHA: Linha de Pesquisa em Herpetologia da Amazônia, Laboratório de Pesquisas Zoológicas (LPZ), Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós, Santarém. Current as: LPHA (herps). Pará. Brazil.
LPRP: Laboratório de Paleontologia, Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto. Current as: LPRP (fossils). Also as: LPRP/USP (fossils). See also: LIRP (fishes). São Paulo. Brazil.
LRC: Private collection of L. Raw, Merrivale. Current as: LRC (herps). KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa.
LRCUKM: Langkawi Research Center of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Pulau Langkawi (island). Current as: LRCUKM (herps). See also: UKMHC (herps). Kedah. Malaysia.
LSNUI: Laboratoire des Sciences Naturelles, Université-Indochinoise, Hanoi, Vietnam. Note: no longer extant, specimens now in Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris (MNHN). Hanoi. Vietnam.
LSUHC: La Sierra University Herpetological Collection, Riverside. Current as: LSUHC (herps). California. USA.
LSUM: Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science (LSUMNS), Baton Rouge. Note: part of Louisiana Museum of Natural History established in 1999. Includes: original herp collection (pre-1990) of Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU); 80% of herp collection from Tulane University Museum of Natural History (TU), transferred in 2011. Obsolete as: LSUZM (amphibians). Current as: LSUMG (Geology Collections, fossils), LSUMZ (Zoology Collections, fishes, herps). Louisiana. USA.
LSUS: Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Museum of Life Sciences, Shreveport. Louisiana. USA.
LTU: Louisiana Tech University Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Ruston. Louisiana. USA.
LU: Lehigh University, Bethlehem. Note: most fluid-preserved and skeletal specimens of amphibians and non-avian reptiles transferred to American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in 2013. Pennsylvania. USA.
LU: Univerza v Ljubljani [University of Ljubljana], Ljubljana. Current as: LU (fishes). Also as: DBUL (Department of Biology), OBL (herps, Oddelek za Biologijo). Slovenia.
LUC: Department of Biology, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago. Current as: LUC (teaching & research collection). Also as: LU D (fishes, developmental collection). Illinois. USA.
LUVP: Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, Geology Department, Lucknow University, Lucknow. Current as: LUVP (fossils). Also as: LUGD (fossil echinoderms), ULM. Uttar Pradesh. India.
LV: Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas (IIM), Vigo. Formerly: Laboratorio de Vigo (LV) established in 1951 and associated with Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras de Barcelona; became independent as Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras de Vigo in 1978; renamed Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas in 1986. See also: IEOV. Pontevedra. Spain.
LVNHM: Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Las Vegas. Current as: LVNHM (fossils). Nevada. USA.
LWF: Grand Isle Fisheries Research Lab, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Grand Isle. Formerly: Lyle S. St. Amant Marine Biological Laboratory. Louisiana. USA.
LZV: Laboratório de Zoologia dos Vertebrados, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Ouro Preto. Current as: LZV (herps). Also as: LZVUFOP (herps). Minas Gerais. Brazil.
LfU: Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt [Bavarian State Office for the Environment], Geologische Sammlung [Gesteinssammlung], München [Munich], Bavaria. Current as: LfU (fossils). Bayern [Bavaria]. Germany.

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