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TAFIRI: Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, Mwanza Centre on Lake Victoria. Formerly: station of East African Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization (EAF-FRO). Current as: TAFIRI (fishes). Tanzania.
TAMAR: Projeto Tamar, São João da Mata. Note: nonprofit organization administered by Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade (ICMBio). Current as: TAMAR (fishes). Bahia. Brazil.
TAMUG: Texas A&M University at Galveston, Department of Marine Biology, Galveston. Current as: TAMUG (fishes). See also: TCWC. Texas. USA.
TAMZ: Eesti Loodusmuuseum [Estonian Museum of Natural History], Tallinn. Current as: TAMZ (fishes, herps), TAMG (fossils). Estonia.
TARI: Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Taichung City. Note: established under Japanese rule in 1895 as Agricultural Experiment Station, Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan [Formosa], Taihoku [Taipei City]; renamed Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) in 1945; institute relocated to Taichung City in 1977. Current as: TARI. Taipei City. Taiwan.
TASU: Tashkent State University, Tashkent. Current as: TASU (birds). Uzbekistan.
TAU: Tel Aviv University Zoological Museum (TAU), part of Steinhardt Museum of Natural History (SMNH), Israel National Center for Biodiversity Studies, Tel Aviv. Obsolete as: TAUM, UTAI, ZMTAU. Current as: TAU (fishes, herps). Also as: SMNHTAU. Israel.
TAU: Universidade de Taubaté, Taubaté. Current as: TAU (fishes), CCLZU (herps, Laboratório de Zoologia). See also: MHNT (fossils). São Paulo. Brazil.
TBU-PAR: Tay Bac University, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Son La. Current as: TBU-PAR (herps). Son La. Vietnam.
TCD: Trinity College of Dublin, Geological and Zoological Museums. Includes: Huxley and Wright fossils (fishes and amphibians) that were moved to the National Musem of Ireland in 1959 and returned in 1994. Current as: TCD (fossils). Ireland.
TCU: Texas Christian University Collection, Fort Worth. Assigned here: TCU. Texas. USA.
TCWC: Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections (BRTC), Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station. Formerly: Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection. Includes: Texas A&M University Systematic Collection of Marine Organisms, Department of Oceanography (TAMU/DO); herp collections from Midwestern State University (MWSU), University of North Texas, Witte Museum (WMSA) and Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS). Obsolete as: BRTC (herps). Current as: TCWC (fishes, herps). See also: TAMUG. Texas. USA.
TDHSP: Truong Dai Hoc Su Pham [Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University], Zoological Collection, Ho Chi Minh City [ex Saigon]. Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam.
TESRI: Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute, Chichi Township. Note: established 1 July 1992. Current as: TESRI (herps). Nantou County. Taiwan.
TF: Bureau of Fossils Research and Geological Museum, Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ratchatewi, Bangkok. Also known as: Central Geological Museum, DMR Head Office. Formerly: Museum of Rocks and Minerals (1948–1976). Note: Department of Mineral Resources oversees several museums including Sirindhorn Museum (SM) and Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum, Nai Muang, Khon Kaen. Current as: TF (fossils). Also as: PW (fossils). See also: SM. Bangkok. Thailand.
TFMC: Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Tenerife, part of Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias [Canary Islands]. Formerly: Museo Insular de Ciencias Naturales (MCNSC) founded in 1951. Current as: TFMC (fishes, herps). Also as: TFMC-VP, TFMCVP (fishes). Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain.
TFRI-TT: Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Taitung Branch museum. See also: FRIP. Taitung County. Taiwan.
THNHM: Thailand Natural History Museum, National Science Museum (NSM), Technopolis, Klong Luang. Includes: specimens formerly vouchered as CTNRC or TNRC (Thai National Reference Collection); Robert F. Inger collection (herps). Obsolete as: NHMT, TNSM (Thailand National Science Museum). Current as: THNHM (fishes, herps). Pathum Thani. Thailand.
THUP: Tonghai [Tunghai] University, Science College, Department of Life Science, Systematics and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory [formerly Department of Zoology], Taichung City. Note: fishes transferred to National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (NMMB) in 2004; disposition of herps unknown, although some non-type specimens deposited at National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS). Also as: TURL (herps). Taichung City. Taiwan.
THUg: Teikyo Heisei University, Tokyo. Obsolete as: TUTg (Teikyo University of Technology). Current as: THUg (fossils). Tokyo. Japan.
TINRO: Marine Museum of Pacific Fisheries Research Center, Vladivostok. Also known as: Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography. Obsolete as: MT. Current as: TINRO (fishes, herps). Also as: TINRO-center, TINRO-tsentr. Primorsky Krai. Russia.
TISTR: Thailand Institute for Scientific and Technological Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangkok. Bangkok. Thailand.
TKD: University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba. Current as: EESUT (fossils, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences), IBUT (Institute of Biological Sciences), IGUT, TKD (fossils, Institute of Geoscience). Ibaraki. Japan.
TKPM: Tokushima Prefectural Museum, Tokushima. Current as: TKPM (fishes). Tokushima. Japan.
TM: Teylers Museum, Haarlem. Also known as: Teylers Strichtina Museum. Current as: TM. Also as: TMH, TSMHN. North Holland. Netherlands.
TMBS: Tatsuo Tanaka Memorial Biological Laboratory, Ako, Miyake-jima, Izu Islands. Note: lab closed, collection transferred to National Museum of Nature and Science (NSMT). Hyogo. Japan.
TMBU: Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Department of Zoology Museum, Bhagalpur. Formerly: Bhagalpur University. Current as: TMBU (fishes). Bihar. India.
TMCFS: Thomas More College Field Station, California. Includes: fishes received from ORSANCO. Current as: TMCFS. Kentucky. USA.
TMFE: Elasmobranchii Collection, Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University, Shimizu, Shizuoka. Obsolete as: TUMF. Current as: TMFE (fishes). See also: IORD, MSM. Shizuoka. Japan.
TMH: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart. Includes: most specimens from Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Commission, Hobart (TIFC), added in 2000s. Current as: TMH. Also as: TMAG. Tasmania. Australia.
TMP: Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller. Obsolete as: RTMP (fossils). Current as: TMP (fossils). Alberta. Canada.
TMRS: The Transcarpathian Museum of Regional Studies, Uzhhorod [Uzhgorod]. Formerly: Mukachiv Historical Regional Museum “Tyvodar Legotsky” (1924); “Prosvita” Regional Community Museum in Uzhgorod (1928). Current as: TMRS (fossils). Zakarpattia. Ukraine.
TMU: Tromsø Museum, Universitetsmuseet, Universitetet i Tromsø—Norges arktiske universitet, Tromsø. Obsolete as: TSZV, ZMUT. Current as: TMU (fishes). Troms. Norway.
TNHC: University of Texas Biodiversity Collections (UTBC), University of Texas at Austin. Formerly: Texas Natural History Collections administered by Texas Memorial Museum (TMM) and Texas Natural Science Center (TNSC). Includes: collections from Lamar University, Beaumont (fishes), Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls (MWSU; fishes), Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock (TTU; fishes, herps), Texas A&M University-Kingsville [formerly Texas A&I University (TAIC; fishes)], Texas State University, San Marcos (TSUSM), University of Texas at Brownsville (fishes, herps), University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas (UTMSI) and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE; herps) as well as private herp collections of Tom C. Scanlon (TCS) and Ralph W. Axtell (RWA). In error as: UTA. Obsolete as: TNHM. Current as: TNHCI (fishes), TNHCH (herps). Texas. USA.
TNHM: Natural History Museum, Thiruvananthapuram [ex Trivandrum]. Current as: TNHM (herps). Kerala. India.
TNU: V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University, Simferopol. Current as: TNU. Crimea. Ukraine.
TNZ: Tianjin Natural History Museum, Tianjin. Formerly: Musée Hoang-ho Pai-ho, founded in 1914. Tianjin. China.
TOU-AE: National Taiwan Ocean University, Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology, Department of Aquaculture, Keelung City. Note: maintained separately from NTOU collection at same institution. Current as: TOU-AE (fishes). Keelung City. Taiwan.
TOYA: Toyama Science Museum, Toyama. Current as: TOYA-P (fishes). Toyama. Japan.
TPII: Museum of Ancient Life, Lehi. Current as: TPII (fossils). Utah. USA.
TRF: Private collection of Helmut Tischlinger, Stammham. Bayern [Bavaria]. Germany.
TST: Private collection of T.S. Traill (herps). Note: incorporated into National Museums of Scotland (NMSZ). Scotland. United Kingdom.
TSU: Tiraspol State University, Department of Geography, Chişinău [Kishinau, Kishinev]. Note: considered legal successor to Institute for Public Education of Moldova, founded in Tiraspol in 1930 and renamed Moldovan Pedagogical Institute (1933–1939). Current as: TSU (fossils). Moldova.
TSUSM: Texas State University, San Marcos. Formerly: Southwest Texas State Normal School, later Southwest Texas State University. Note: uncataloged teaching collection extant, research collection unknown; some fish specimens transferred to University of Texas at Austin (TNHC). Texas. USA.
TTM: Tiantai Museum, Tiantai. Current as: TTM (fossils). Zhejiang. China.
TTNCM: Somerset County Museum, Taunton. Also known as: Museum of Somerset. Current as: TTNCM (fossils). England. United Kingdom.
TTU: Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock. Note: fish and herp collections transferred to University of Texas at Austin (TNHC). Current as: NSRL (tissue collection, Natural Science Research Laboratory), TTU P (fossils). Texas. USA.
TU: Royal D. Suttkus Fish Collection, Tulane University Biodiversity Research Institute (TUBRI), Belle Chase. Includes: fishes formerly held by Systematics and Environmental Laboratory established in 1968 at the F. Edward Hebert Riverside Research Laboratories, Belle Chase, which became the new Tulane University Museum of Natural History (TUMNH) in 1976. Note: original TU Museum of Natural History established in 1885 and closed/disbanded from 1952 to 1957; in 2011, herp collection transferred to Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science, Baton Rouge (LSUMZ, ca. 80%) and Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU, ca. 20%). Current as: TU (fishes). Louisiana. USA.
TUB: Technischen Universität Berlin [Technical University of Berlin], Berlin. Current as: TUB (fossils). Berlin. Germany.
TUIC: Terhan University Ichthyological Collection, Karaj. Current as: TUIC (fishes). Alborz. Iran.
TUM: Tohoku University Museum, Sendai. Obsolete as: TU (fossils). Current as: TUM (fossils). Miyagi. Japan.
TUZ: University of Tartu Natural History Museum, Tartu. Obsolete as: MZT (Zoological Museum, Tartu). Current as: TUZ (fishes), TUG (fossils). Estonia.
TUZC: Taif University Zoological Collection, Taif. Saudi Arabia.
TW: De Museumfabriek, Enschede [Eanske]. Formerly: Museum TwentseWelle [Twentse Welle Museum]. Current as: TW (fossils). Overijssel. Netherlands.

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